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Blackberry Lemonade - An invigorating blend of lemons and blackberries for a vibrantly tasty, tangy, yet smooth experience. (Lewiston & Winslow Only)

Killer Kustard - An enchanting mix of vanilla and custard, reaching a perfect harmony of sweet and savory.

Royalty II - A delicious dessert treat with rich, creamy, vanilla custard topped to perfection with pecans. (Lewiston & Winslow Only)

Pineapple Express -  A relaxed tropical blend with the taste of a big ripe juicy pineapple combined with our trademark smooth creaminess. (Lewiston & Winslow Only)

Milk of the Poppy - Carefully crafted with the bold sweetness of ripe strawberries, a subtle breath of dragon fruit, and smooth creaminess. (Lewiston & Winslow Only)

Pink Lemonade - A sensational lemonade-stand classics, infusing a delightful sweetness with hints of tangy and tarty lemonade. (Lewiston Only) (6mg Only)

Peach Lemonade - Infusing freshly-picked peach within an invigorating lemonade blend. (Lewiston Only) (3mg Only)