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Blue's Lemonade - Blue Raspberry with Lemonade.

Juiced Apple - Fresh Apple Juice straight out of the box.

Pink Milk - Creamy Milk with crisp Strawberries.

Kacti Kooler - Crisp Orange Soda.

Kool Peach - Sweet Peach with a hint of Menthol. (Lewiston Only)

Seedless Watermelon - Watermelon Jolly Candy.

Purple Reign - Grape Sour Candy.

Chew - Strawberry Watermelon Gum. (Gardiner Only)

Razzleberry - Sweet, tart Raspberries. (Gardiner Only)

Marshmallow Crispy - Rice Crispy Treat. (Gardiner Only)

Salty Man Nic Salt

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